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Announcing LaneMS: Swim Team and Swim Meet Management System

Please note that the exact timeline for LaneMS release is currently being determined. We appreciate your patience and will keep you informed of any updates regarding the availability of this exciting addition to the PoolMMS suite.

Swim Team Management

LaneMS is an upcoming swim team and swim meet management system designed to streamline administrative tasks and enhance the overall swimming experience for coaches, swimmers, and spectators. With a wide range of features, LaneMS empowers coaches and administrators to efficiently manage their swim teams. Let's explore some key functionalities:

1. Swimmer Analytics

LaneMS provides powerful swimmer analytics, enabling coaches to track and analyze individual swimmer performance. With access to detailed statistics, such as personal best times, stroke analysis, and progress over time, coaches can make informed decisions when designing training programs and setting goals.

2. Roster Management

Effortlessly manage your team roster using LaneMS. Maintain up-to-date information on swimmers, including contact details, medical information, and emergency contacts. Coaches can easily assign swimmers to training groups and monitor attendance, ensuring smooth team operations.

3. Swim Meet Management

LaneMS simplifies the complexities of organizing and managing swim meets. From meet setup to heat and lane assignments, the system automates various administrative tasks, reducing the burden on meet directors. Key features include:

  • Heat and Lane Assignment: Semi-automatically assign swimmers to heats and lanes based on their seed times, ensuring fair competition and optimal pool utilization.
  • Automatic Scoring: LaneMS calculates scores in real-time, eliminating manual scorekeeping and reducing errors. Coaches, officials, and spectators can instantly access updated team scores and rankings.
  • Live Scoring and Results Display: Engage spectators with live scoring and results display. LaneMS provides a user-friendly interface to showcase event progress, heat results, and overall meet standings in real-time.
  • Streamlined Timer Data Entry: LaneMS streamlines timer data entry, making it easy for volunteers to record accurate and timely results. The system seamlessly integrates with touchpad and electronic timing systems, ensuring efficient data collection.

4. Swimmer Event Cards

LaneMS offers the flexibility of generating digital or print swimmer event cards. Coaches and swimmers can access event information, including heat and lane assignments, event schedule, and scratch deadlines, through the PoolMMS DeckMS mobile site or printed event cards. This feature streamlines communication and ensures swimmers are well-informed about their events.

Feedback and Questions

We value your feedback and are eager to address any questions you may have about LaneMS. Please reach out to our sales team at Our dedicated representatives will be happy to provide more information and assist you with any inquiries.


Elevate your swim team and swim meet management with LaneMS. With its advanced features, including swimmer analytics, automatic scoring, live scoring and results display, streamlined timer data entry, and flexible swimmer event cards, LaneMS will empower coaches, administrators, and swimmers to optimize their performance and enjoy an enhanced swimming experience.

We appreciate your interest in LaneMS, and we will continue to keep you informed about its release. If you have any further questions or require support, please don't hesitate to contact our team at